Corvette Soars Over Fence And Crashes Into Backyard Pool, Leaving 2 Dead

A Chevrolet Corvette flew over a median and crash-landed in a swimming pool behind a Chino, California, home early morning Wednesday.

The accident resulted in two dead and one seriously injured, KNBC-TV reported.

Around 2 a.m. Wednesday, the vehicle was racing down the Shaefer and East End avenues of the city when it smacked the center median, flew over a fence, flipped and then fell into the pool, according to reporting from KCBS-TV.

Police say that the 21-year-old woman on board died at the scene. The other two, a 27-year-old man and a 23-year-old lady were hospitalized, after which the man succumbed to his wounds, according to the KCBS-TV. Authorities have not yet released their names.

“I didn’t hear like a screeching or anything like that like they tried to stop, then I got up and a little bit later I saw flashing lights,” Deborah Laugherty, who heard the accident, told KNBC-TV. (RELATED: 15-Year-Old Dies Jumping Out Of A Car While Arguing With Mom)


“I heard a loud screeching or I don’t know what, but then I heard a bang,” the homeowner Art Guerrero told KCBS-TV. “It was right here, and I was talking. And I hear some moaning and groaning over here.”

“I went out of my kitchen door and I see a girl laying on my deck,” said Guerrero, according to KNBC-TV.

Neighbors demanding more safety measures complain that one of the issues in their neighborhood is street racing along the tight bend where the accident happened, the outlet reported.

“This corner here is really busy, and people just, unfortunately, don’t abide by the speed limit. They go through this corner maybe 50, 60 miles per hour,” Adrianna Stoddard told KCBS-TV.

Though investigators are not sure if substance abuse contributed to the accident or if the passengers were wearing seatbelts, they say speed was a principal factor resulting in the crash.

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