First Responders Make Wild Rescue Of Dog Stuck On Floating Ice In North Dakota River

First responders made a wild rescue of a dog that had found itself stuck on a giant piece of floating ice on a North Dakota river.

In the clip shared Friday on Instagram by Fox News, we see the chocolate Labrador, named Lola, floating down the Sheyenne River in Horace on a chunk of ice and unable to get back to the shore. The longer piece of the rescue was posted on YouTube from KHOU 11. (RELATED: Watch: Great White Shark Surprises Australia Cops [VIDEO])

The pooch definitely appeared afraid with her tail between her legs after one of the emergency personnel jumped into the freezing water to rescue the stranded pup.  (RELATED: Watch This Herd Of Cows Help Police Take Down A Car Thief Suspect [VIDEO])

Check it out!

At one point, the first responder reaches the block of ice and wiggles his way over to the dog who just keeps moving backwards until he managed to catch up with him.

The two then plunge back into the water and are pulled over to the shore with the help of other emergency crew and a rope.

A description with the video explained that Lola had become trapped on the ice after she had escaped from her owner’s property. A passerby, ended up calling authorities for help after the person witnessed the animal go into the river.

Emergency responders ended up warming Lola up in the squad vehicle after the successful rescue and the pup was reunited with her owner, according to local news outlets.

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