Incredible Footage Shows Small Plane Making Emergency Landing On Florida Beach

The emergency landing of a small plane was caught on video Tuesday.

The plane made an emergency landing on Dania beach in South Florida, according to WFLA. There was only one person inside the aircraft and it landed safely with no injuries, the Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the outlet.


There were no injuries on the ground or damage to the aircraft, the sheriff’s office told the outlet.

I can’t imagine being on the beach when this plane made the emergency landing. Bystander Derek Thompson explained how he felt watching the plane land to NBC Miami. (RELATED: Plane Lands On Minnesota Highway, Video Shows)

“I looked up ahead and saw this plane coming in really super low, and I thought, wow, this guy is flying super low. Is he going to try and land here?” Thompson told the outlet.

Thompson told the outlet he had to move out of the way before he captured cellphone video of the plane landing.

It has to be wild to just be hanging out on a beach, most likely with your family, and then have to scramble to move out of the way as a whole plane lands right in front of you. I’m just glad nobody was hurt.

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