‘The Heavy Weight Of The Badge’: Country Superstar George Strait Shows Support For Police Officers With New Video

Country superstar George Strait released a song about “the heavy weight of the badge” to show support for police officers with his new video, “The Weight of the Badge.”

The 69-year-old legendary country star’s video was posted Thursday on YouTube and includes clips of police officers raising the American flag outside of the New York State Police Academy before an officer recalls losing a colleague in the line of duty. He also shared how every time officers go out they might not come home. The video was noted by Fox News in a piece published Friday. (RELATED: These Are The Police Officers Shot During The Riots)

“You have people that are going out and doing a job to defend your communities,” a voiceover in the clip from Strait’s song, first released in 2019 on his album “Honky Tonk Time Machine,” said. (RELATED: Teacher Reportedly Forced To Remove Pro-Police Flag Because The School Deemed It A ‘Political Symbol.’ BLM And Pride Flags Still Allowed)

“And you know in the back of the mind of every one of those officers – one of them might not be going home,” he added.


“Sometimes, I don’t think we realize the impact that this job has had on our families, let alone ourselves,” he continued. “That’s a heavy weight. That’s the heavy weight of the badge.”

Throughout the six-minute long video, we see images of police officers, firefighters and more suiting up as we hear Strait singing lines about those who took an “oath to protect and serve.”

“He swore that oath to protect and serve / Pours his heart and soul into both those words / Lays his life on the line. And the line he walks is razor-fine,” Strait sang. “But he ain’t gonna buckle under the weight of the badge.”

The video also included interviews with officers who’s “heart is still heavy” after taking their badge off at the end of the day because of the weight of the job and family members who talk about holding their loved ones “extra” long “just because.”

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