‘Yellowstone’ Releases Awesome Video Of Advice From John Dutton

“Yellowstone” has released an awesome video for fans.

The hit Paramount Network show tweeted a video of life advice from John Dutton, and I can promise that it’s going to be the best thing fans see all day. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Ends Season 3 With One Of The Greatest Cliffhangers In TV History)

Give it a watch below.

Who is ready to run through a wall right now? Hand up! I know I am! Whenever John Dutton speaks, it’s best if you listen.

The man is the most powerful man in Montana and we all know the lengths he’ll go to protect his ranch.

With every video “Yellowstone” releases, it just makes me want season four to arrive more and more. I can’t wait to get some new episodes.

Seeing as how season three ended on the greatest cliffhanger in the history of TV, we have no idea who is alive or who could be dead.

Millions of fans need to know!

Make sure to check back for the latest updates on season four as we have them. I’m seriously so amped to see what happens with the Duttons!

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